Covid 19 Customer Information

Star Inn Watchet

Covid 19 Customer Information

We are a small but extremely busy pub and value our customers and our reputation equally.

During our busiest times it is inevitable that there will be delays in getting your food to your table, our kitchen is small and this restricts the amount of staff we can employ that can actually work in such a small space, so please do be patient and allow enough time during your stay to accommodate any delays that may occur.

Due to the Covid 19 legislation on social distancing in pubs our internal tables and seating availability has been drastically reduced and always get booked first, so most customers will find themselves eating ‘al fresco’ in our lovely garden.

We have allocated our ‘food only’ tables within the marquee and so those just wanting a drink, or those walk-ins who have not booked online in advance will be able to use the open tables within the garden if available.

Where possible we endeavour to operate a table service system, you will be greeted and given a menu and taken to or told where your table is within the premises.

When the situation arises that table service cannot be supported we ask that you return to the bar to order your food and drink and return immediately to your table to await your order.

We operate a one-way system so when arriving you will enter through the front door and to exit you will use the garden gate. Please do follow this rule, it is to protect you, our staff, and our other customers. We appreciate this is not ideal, but it is due to the size and layout of such an old and iconic building and again, Covid 19 rules for pubs.

When using our toilets, you will see a switch on the toilet doors.

Please switch on when you enter and switch off when you exit, our toilets are also quite small so only one in at a time with the exception of parent/carer with children.

We fully appreciate that all this is difficult and sometimes awkward and overwhelming but please do be patient and understand that we are all in the same boat together, it is new to us all and we all make mistakes at some time.

If you do have a genuine complaint then please ask to speak to a team member who will direct your issue to someone in authority who will deal with it as quickly as possible.

Thank You.

Ross, Christy and the Star Inn team


We are following the Information Commissioners Office guidance on data protection and track and trace requirements


Ask for only what’s needed

We only ask people for the specific information that has been set out in government guidance. This may include things like your name, contact details and time of arrival for example.

We do not ask people to prove their details with identity verification, unless this is a standard practice for the business, eg ID checks for age verification.


Be transparent with customers

We are to be clear, open and honest with people about what we are doing with your personal information. Tell you why we need it and what we will do with it. we do this by displaying a notice in the premises, and including it on our website as well as telling you if you ask.

As we already collect customer data for bookings, we use that personal data for contact tracing purposes.


Carefully store the data

We look after the personal data we collect. That means keeping it secure on a device if when collecting the records digitally or, for paper records, keeping the information locked away.


Don’t use it for other purposes

We cannot use the personal information that we collect for other purposes, such as direct marketing, profiling or data analytics.


Erase it in line with government guidance

We do not keep the personal data for longer than the government guidelines specify. We shred paper documents and permanently delete digital files.